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31 March 2008 @ 08:58 pm

BLACK SUNDAYS: there are three parts left after todays. Originally this story went up to Part XXXII but since my drifter tendencies were kick started and Heroes isn't coming back till next fall, it's been shortened... drastically. The basic principals are still there but vastly condensed.

DELICATE: there are approximately sixteen parts left in this story but there could be more or less. Twenty-nine parts in and it's starting to feel like the never ending story but I really do enjoy writing it... most of the time :}


FM RADIO SEQUEL: the tentative title is Trouble based off the Ray LaMontagne song. Only thing that's keeping me from starting quicker is that since it deals with a lot of Supernatural backstory and the timeline pretty much lines up with where the show is currently I really need to know what the hell to do with Dean's deal. I want a happy ending and I have a feeling that I'm going to have to majorly veer off of canon from All Hell Breaks Loose in order to get one.

SEPARATE WAYS: again, a tentative title and another crossover. Based off a line toward the end of Something Wicked about wishing that Sam hadn't had to grow up in the life he had. So it's completely AU for both Roswell and Supernatural

I'm also thinking about writing a Dark Angel xtremer fic but I still have to flesh it out and see if I can write the characters the way they deserve to be written.
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01 January 2008 @ 04:57 pm
I'm not going to be posting until the 13th because I am going to be in the Dominican Republic for a two week study tour. I know I've been terrible lately about not posting on the schedule I set up but between the holidays and this abroad thing I'm going on things have been haywire. Spring semester (my last semester of undergrad, yay me) starts at the end of January and I set it so that my course load is a joke which means that I'll be posting on time and frequently... no promises but probably twice a week for each story.

See you on the 13th (my flight gets in at 830am. I'll be back at my apartment by 10. I'll have the posts up before midnight)
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16 November 2007 @ 12:11 pm
Delicate is going up today at roswelfanatics. The story is Mean to Me with a new title, which I probably changed a dozen times and would change it again if I wasn't resolved to finally put the damn thing up.

I'm working on a AU w/ Aliens. CC for the first time. Don't know when I'll get time to post that. Probably after finals.

I'm also working on an AU Prison Break fic. Love the show but season 3 is killing me so I have written my own. If anyone is interested in reading that when I put it up I'll post the site here.
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18 August 2007 @ 07:17 am
I'm finally done with work, yay! now i have a week to write before I'm back at school which makes it easier to write. I'm working on 'The Darker Side of Me' and a new story where Liz meets Sam in Stanford and ends up in the right place at the wrong time called at the moment 'Mean to Me' - I have to figure out if I want to switch this story from 1st person to 3rd person.

There's also some original stuff I'm working on but I want to have atleast one of the roswell/supernatural stories up by next sunday.
16 June 2007 @ 10:00 pm
DnC is up at rf.net. Part II is written already but the rest of it is written so randomly that I've got gaps. Hopefully that will be remedied b/f they need to go up.
09 June 2007 @ 05:05 pm
Millstone is complete on roswellfanatics, any questions that the story didn't answer just ask and I'll try to address them. Thanks again for all the great reviews.
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05 June 2007 @ 08:52 pm
A/N: Italics are flashbacks, takes place after S2E2 for SPN, Post Grad for Ros. I don't want to give too much away but yeah. Constructive Criticism/Ideas welcome. Takes place fairly early on in the story.

Dean and Sam walked to the door, Jo's folder of research in hand. It was true, they had gone nosing around for less and it was well put together especially for someone new to the game. A case was a case and the sooner they got away from an angry Ellen the better.

That woman was scary.

Sam had just stepped over the threshold when Dean stopped. There was a question he needed to ask, one that had been gnawing at him. He was probably way off base but it was something that he needed to have proved wrong. It had been at the back of his mind since Ellen had mentioned it to him over the phone the last time they had spoken.

Hey Ellen,” the woman momentarily stopped glaring at her daughter to glance at him. “The woman who was in here asking about me, what'd she look like?”

Sam was leaning on the door frame and rolling his eyes. Dean could practically hear his thoughts. It wasn't enough that he picked up any thing with breasts when they were working, now he had them seeking him out.

Petite thing, just over five foot. Dark hair and eyes,” worry filled his chest, if he was honest he'd admit that there was some panic there too, “She had a baby with her.”

A fond smile slipped into face before he could stop it, “Yeah?”

Real young, cute kid,” the smile turned almost proud, confusion was evident on Sams' face. He nodded in a way that said he already knew what Ellen had told him but appreciated being told.

She say anything?”

Just that she wasn't going to leave a message.”

Thanks,” Dean replied for a nod, pushing past Sam and making his way towards the impala. He didn't stop or look back as he got in the car. Making no indication that that conversation had take place.

They were laying in bed mostly undressed. Liz squirming and giggling as Dean made his way from her chest to her abdomen, kissing and tickling her along the way. He couldn't help the smile that was spread across his face. There was something about this woman. It was in the way she latched on to life and didn't let go. Dean couldn't help but be swept up in it.

There were secrets, there were so many things that they didn't know about each other. He didn't even know why if her name was Claudia Evans why everyone called her Liz. Things like that didn't seem all that important. Maybe that was a part of the novelty. When it was the two of them they could be whoever they wanted.

He paused lips hovering over her bellybutton. “Why'd you introduce yourself that night?”

It was a question he had thought about since then. She scrunched up her face pretending to think about it. “Your wallet,” Liz stated very matter of factly, her tone undermined by her amused smile. “I wanted your wallet. Thought I could lift it off of you real easy, make some fast money.”

Is that so?”

Yep but you were a harder mark than I gave you credit for,” she squealed as his fingers dug into her sides. Half relieved that she hadn't answered seriously. Half wishing that she had.

About ten minutes into the drive with Dean nodding his head to the music, Sam let the curiosity get the better of him. First he cleared his throat. Which was ignored repeatedly. Then he turned down the music, which was promptly turned back up. He was starting to get the feeling that his brother didn't want to talk about it.

So, we gonna talk about it,” he finally settled on asking.

Talk about what,” the hard way it was.

The woman,” a blank look, “with the baby?”

Sorry dude, can't help you.”

Sam rolled his eyes and stared out the window. He wanted to push. He wanted answers. But Dean was being difficult and more than stubborn. There would be no answers, not at the moment. Not by direct means. He'd leave it be for now.

They had a hunt to do. He focused on that and let the rest be pushed to the back.

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05 June 2007 @ 08:46 pm
A/N: so far seems to be a series of events where Dean and Liz become tied together. Liz is very emotionally detached in it. Dean... well, Dean's Dean. Right now this part is set to take part towards the end of the story but was the first section to be written, cause I rarely write lineally. Post All Hell in SPN and post-Grad for Ros. Any ideas (especially on how to resolve the whole Dean deal thing)/constructive criticism welcomed.

He felt the cold steel of the pistol pressed against his temple. Heard the click of the hammer as it was pulled back. There was no hesitation in the movements. Nothing to tell him that this wasn't exactly what his captor wanted to be doing. The barrel dug deeper, the sight burrowed in, drawing blood. He wouldn't give them the satisfaction of leaning away.

Give me a reason not to shoot you,” the voice was hard, tightly controlled, “Just one reason,” the mask slipped. For the first time since he had met her the mask slipped. “Please Dean give me anything. Just show me it's you.”

What do you want me to do Parker,” she flinched at the name, “I can't exactly prove it to you.”

The gun moved away from his head, a moment of relief before pain lanced through his arm. She'd shot him. The crazy bitch shot him, “Son of a-” He barely caught the gun before it slammed into his face once again. A tight grip wasn't enough to get her to drop it so he twisting her arm back, the gun clattered to the floor.

She lashed out hooking her leg with his so that they both fell to the floor. Her fingers shoved themselves into the open flesh of his wound. There was no stopping the painful cry or the loosening grip. Bitch knew how to hit where it hurt. She was scrambling off of him, reaching for the pistol.

Dean grabbed her leg trying to pull her away from it. He rolled quickly on top of her, flipping her on her back. The gun briefly raised before he peeled her fingers from it. Liz looked up at him, eyes wide with fear. This was it, the moment of truth. He threw the gun angrily away from them, ignoring the crash as it shattered something glass.

Happy now,” confusion not acceptance played across her face. She'd never been this easy to read before. A small hand came to play with the small cut at his temple. It stung briefly before fading. Hesitant fingers skimmed his face, drawing lines around his eyes and mouth. Playing. Memorizing.

He didn't realize he had lowered himself until their noses were touching, shallow breath mixing with his. Her chest rising and falling below his. Her body shaking almost imperceptibly, not in fear. Just a fraction closer...

Liz don't,” Dean groaned and dropped his head to the crook of her neck. “That's really...”

His brothers voice drifted off not having expected the sight in front of him. Furniture broken, glass littering the floor, two people anything but fighting. Dean glared up at Sam who looked uncomfortable at finding him in such a compromising position with a flushed Liz.

Yeah, I kinda figured that out,” thata girl.

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